5 Apps Your Small Business Needs to Start Using Today

Over the years, smartphone applications have transformed into some very powerful and prevalent savvy tools. Now that even many small businesses have become 24/7 operations, a large number of entrepreneurs and small business owners rely on such mobile apps to further expand and smoothly operate their companies. So, if you - like most small business owners want - want to augment the success of your business smartphone applications, then here are 5 apps you should start using today. 1. Gusto Gusto is an inexpensive payroll app with an attractive and simple interface. The payroll tools The payroll tools that have been incorporated into this app are ones that your small business likely already needs, or may require in the future.

Fuze Meeting Pro As small business owner, you should definitely have and use this web conferencing app

Expensify You probably do not enjoy doing the expense report of your small business, but Expensify can help

Trello This is an app that you can use for both collaboration and communication

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3 Reasons Your Taxi Company Needs a Mobile App

You may send them a mobile application content to create cause that would make them to utilize your app and easily access your taxi business. Even individuals who are not your clients may get to know about your brand through mobile app, and hail your taxis. Also you may engage them by offering reward points if they utilize mobile app to call a cab. Furthermore, you may also send push notifications to your prospective clients concerning offers. 2. Building brand integrity There’s no doubt that mobile app is now becoming the newest plus quickest means of promoting and marketing your brand among your clients and prospective ones.

Therefore look at the degree of exposure when your mobile app becomes live in the Play Store

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