5 Apps Your Small Business Needs to Start Using Today

Over the years, smartphone applications have transformed into some very powerful and prevalent savvy tools. Now that even many small businesses have become 24/7 operations, a large number of entrepreneurs and small business owners rely on such mobile apps to further expand and smoothly operate their companies.

So, if you – like most small business owners want – want to augment the success of your business smartphone applications, then here are 5 apps you should start using today.

1. Gusto

Gusto is an inexpensive payroll app with an attractive and simple interface. The payroll tools that have been incorporated into this app are ones that your small business likely already needs, or may require in the future. You may use this app to automate certain payrolls, automatically calculate and pay payroll taxes, and it can even automatically integrated with a variety of different accounting websites.

2. Fuze Meeting Pro

As small business owner, you should definitely have and use this web conferencing app. Through this app, your workers will not only be able to participate in meetings from an Android, Blackberry or iOS platform, you could even use an iPad to host meetings. Even Skype is fully integrated into Fuze, while the video quality of this app is quite outstanding and up to 10 H.264 camera feeds can be supported at the same time.

3. My Minutes

My Minutes is another app that you can incorporate into the regular workflow of your small business. You can use My Minutes to set a time limit on all the important business tasks that you want to improve and work on consistently. Perhaps one of the best features of My Minutes is that it ensures that you work on a single task rather than multitasking, so that your focus is not diverted.  Here is a demo of how My Minutes works.

4. Expensify

You probably do not enjoy doing the expense report of your small business, but Expensify can help. With this expense tracking software, you can deal with expensive tracking more conveniently. It includes a reliable optical character recognition (OCR) and a user-friendly workflow system. Additionally, any part of the expense tracking process can be automated using this app. Even reimbursements can be automated through this app.

5. Trello

This is an app that you can use for both collaboration and communication. The collaborative workspace that it offers has a highly visual work methodology and by using this app, you will be able to manage all kinds of business projects. Its drag-and-drop and intuitive interface makes it even more easier and simple to assign and manage projects.

There are undeniably countless other apps that you could incorporate into your small business and use them to make progress. However, after reading the above brief overviews, you have probably realized that these apps can help you handle five core tasks of business, so these are ideal for getting started.